ThinClient – 07

X86 Based Thin Client Which can connect to
Linux / Windows / Citrix / VMware
& Other Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Download All ThinPC 07 series Thin Client models by ThinPC

Product Features
X86 Based Thin Client which can be customised / modified according to your requirment.
Can connect to | Linux OS | Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 | Windows XP, Windows 7/ 8
All types of USB Flash Drives & printer support*
Option for Local Browser, Media Player, Libre Office, Voip Softphone, Skype, PDF Reader & other customizable Linux application as per your needs


We have implemented two versions of ThinPC OS for ThinPC-07


XBasic OS : The Basic OS provides connectivity options to Windows & Linux Servers and allows for the configuration of the local network and server settings to be able to connect to multiple servers simultaneously. Users can also connect to RDP servers either locally or through a remote location via the Internet.


XAdvance OS : The advance OS is based on the Ubuntu and contains additional features to the Basic OS including local applications like browsers, Softphone, CUPS-Printing, xpdf viewer, LibreOffice and notepad. Users can use a local browser to surf the net & also connect to ERP Packages

ThinPC-07 can connect to any Virtual Desktop Like Citrix, VMware & Microsoft.

Technical Details

Model : ThinPC-07

Operating System : ThinOS Linux / Windows XP / WIndows 8 Embbeded

Processor : Via / Intel Atom / AMD

Ram : 1GB / 2GB / 4GB

Flash Disk : 8GB Disk on Module / 16GB Half Slim SSD

P/s2, Serial, Parallel & USB port Also option for Dual Display

DC Board with Power Adapter

Dimension : 190 mm x 60 mm x 250 mm


Vesa Mounting Bracket & Wifi optional

It can be mounted behind the LCD & on Wall